The concept of Itinéraires évasion

biker love - Travel agency specialised in guided motorcycle travel

bike ride - Travel agency specialised in guided motorcycle travelArctic Circle - Travel agency specialised in guided motorcycle travel

Riding accompanied by a couple who loves motorcycles and travelling, you choose to live a different travel experience.


Our promise

  • To accompany and guide you, to share our solid experience on the roads
  • To make you feel our passion for travel and to make you discover our best-loved sights
  • To give motorcycle riders the opportunity to meet and share the experience of a trip together, we foster the small-group spirit.

We take care of the logistics so that you can fully enjoy your experience.


Our priority

The choice and quality of carefully prepared itineraries

If scenic roads are a major plus, to our mind sightseeing and visits are essential, just as much as meeting the people living in the regions and countries we go through.
Our packages have been designed by motorcycle rides for other riders and we have chosen to limit the groups to 12 or 14 motorcycles and 16 to 18 participants, depending on the trip, in order to foster the « riders’ spirit ».


Our must

Security for all participants and an adapted pace
Be the pace fast or slow, we will make sure you enjoy it.
The idea is for each participant to be able to ride at his or her own pace, alone, with another participant or in a group of up to 5 or 6 motorcycles. As part of the organisation of each trip, we will be able to give you meeting points as well as enjoyable breaks on a hilltop, a time and place for lunch, or plan a stop in order to visit a site…

We will give special attention to young or inexperienced riders so that they can also enjoy the trip at all times.


Our ambition

To make you live exceptional moments
A journey is a unique moment prone to discoveries, unexpected encounters, communicating and sharing and riding a motorcycle is a fabulous way of touring a country…so let us make sure that we leave each moment intensely.

If it is by chance that you have come across Itinéraires Evasion, we will make sure that you come back because you have enjoyed your experience.